Grey Card Studio

Artistry Unleashed, Limitless Imagination.

Hi, I’m Marco! If you’re seeking the most vibrant and boundary-pushing creative studio, you’ve arrived at the perfect space! This studio is a compilation of all my innovative projects and artistic insights, ready to infuse inspiration into your world!

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Ideal for any project, be it an intimate portrait or a full scale fashion shoot, our state of the art blackbox studio offers complete control over lighting, no matter the time of day, as well as access to various amenities including: a comfortable lounge, full kitchen, and private changing quarters.


Greycard studio features a 2.5 wall cyc, 18ft high ceilings, and a 2 person JLG manlift for the lowest and highest angles. Watch the “Lance” videos in our gallery to see the studio’s filming capabilities. Our studio is near silent, even with the AC blowing, so have no fear if your shoot requires audio.

Full Service

We set out to create a full-service, multilevel studio that would be classy, comfortable, private, and accommodating to a range of clients, from large groups to individuals interested in having a successful filming experience at a discrete location.

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